Hi All! In the past two seasons, at about this point, I’d be on my 6th or 7th blog by now. But, how many times can I repeat my disgust for “Brenchel”?
In the first 10 days or so, I actually saw a “human” side to Rachel. Unfortunately, that is past tense now.

Now that Rachel has won HoH, again, and Brendon has won the POV, the power is sure to go straight to Rachel’s head. Personal feelings aside, she deserves praise for the competitions she’s won.

Once again, the “chatter” of possibly back-dooring Jeff and Jordan is front and center. When Jordan was HoH, the same thing happened, but Jordan stayed true to their original alliance. Will Rachel and Brendon do the same? So, far, the answer seems to be that the nominations, (Dom and Adam) will stay the same. However, there’s quite a bit of time before the Ceremony is held.

I, with all honesty, do not think they will betray the Veteran Alliance, but who knows?

Now, on to how Rachel and Brendon have been acting. It is mind-boggling to me that these two are still a couple! Watching as Rachel hid in the bushes, was an all-time low, even for Rachel. Jeff was honest in conveying his frustration. Could he have been “nicer”? Maybe… But, taking in all of the floor-stomping, crocodile tears, and pouting, someone was bound to say something, sooner or later. Cassie tried the “nice approach” and that backfired completely.

I’m having a real hard time watching the feeds, or After Dark, day after day. “Brenchel” are just TOO annoying!!

So, to anyone reading, does anyone truly think Rachel will “allow” her nominations to be changed?
Try and keep the comments civil. I had to struggle myself just writing what I have! LOL


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