For one of the most “physically fit” groups of House-Guests, they don’t seem to get the idea behind “endurance”, much less “winning” instead of “whining”!

I finally signed up for the Live Feeds last night, I wanted to see this competition play out, personally. By the time I got through the verification process, Kathy and Enzo had already. Dropped, with Brendan dropping one minute later! After Brendan fell, the rest just followed suit, knowing that the one main target was already out.

Matt and Ragan were the final two by 10:15PM EST! Ragan was already talking about dropping as Matt, cocky as ever, just smirked and said “he could stay there all night”.

So, Matt wins HoH for a second time. He’s already stated that he is “gunning for Brendon and Rachel”, and at this point, the rest of the House-Guests, except those two, are hoping for the same.

Ragan has won by a very narrow lead over Enzo in the next phase of “The Saboteur”. Also mentioned, the return of “Pandora’s Box”. Plus, the house will be receiving company for a day, maybe longer, as Jeff and Jordan will be moving in for a day or so.

It promises to be an eventful week, unlike the “endurance” competition that crown what Julie Chen referred to as, “The most powerful HoH in BB History”!

The scrambling had already begun, as did a clearly unimpressed Rachel barely even talk to “her man”. (Cough)

Matt knows what he needs to do, but will he?? What effect with the SAB have on this Group, if any? What will be the outcome? Let me hear from You all…

…….Joey Lee*

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