Is SHE Gone???

The last 24 hours are here!!! At about this time tomorrow, all hell should break out as Brendon’s plan blows up in his face!

If you’ve seen the last few nights/days on either the Live Feeds or After Dark; you saw for yourself how crazed Brendan has gotten! And for Rachel to even “allow” him to do what he’s doing, makes me like her even LESS!!!

IF Brendon had just spent the week with Rachel, doing whatever it is they do, (cough!!) he may have had a sliver of a chance of staying on more than just one week. (Assuming he does NOT win HOH)

There also seems to be a few surprises in store for everyone! The entire House has been on lock-down all day today (Wednesday), and will remain on lock-down till tomorrow.. So, could we see a double eviction via Fast-Forward? Is it possible someone may return? (ie Kristen?)

I highly doubt there will be another Endurance competition; especially since these House-Guests have made “Endurance” a complete joke!!

OK, is WRenchel Gone Yet??
Have we seen the last of her adjusting her implants? (Vomit!)
And, once again, Brendon has made a complete ASS out of himself, attacking only the “smallest” players; ie; Matt, Ragan, and now Britney?

My one HOPE is that once these two “love-birds” are GONE, we may finally see the GAME begin!!

What do You all think?
-Joey Lee*

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