Well, as expected, Matt used the Diamond POV. As exciting as it was to see Brendon’s face, as well as the rest, was evicting Kathy really the smartest move?

Matt had the opportunity to have almost anyone evicted, without any “real” backlash.

What really confuses ME is; what do these guys plan to do if they, The Bro-Gade, actually make it to the final four? Only TWO people get to “Win” Big Brother. I’ve been watching the feeds, just waiting to hear any of these guys to come up with some sort of “plan” .

Matt has a very close friendship with Ragan; Lane has the same with Britney. Yet for some reason, one I cannot even make ANY sense of, IF they CAN, the “Bro-Gade”, expect to be the “final four”!

Last night, in MY mind, was the ONE chance Matt had, especially after knowing he’d be thrown under the bus, to make a move to eliminate one of the “Brigade”, and finally begin to pave the way for HIS own “path” to advance himself!

With Britney as the new HoH, we should finally see the second half of the “gruesome twosome” head to the Jury House to reunite with his beloved (choke) Rachel.

Thursday IS also going to be the beginning of the big Double Eviction. By the end of the episode on Thursday, we’ll not only see the eviction of Britney’s nominees, but also the eviction of a second house-guest via the “fast forward” HoH.

I have yet to hear any “real plan” of any of the remaining house-guests as to getting any further.

This is definitely a season unlike ANY other that I can recall. Will the “winner” be the person that has thrown the most competitions?

IF anyone knows something I’m missing, please let me know.

Will Lane pair up with Britney? Will Matt pair up with Ragan?

Are things as mixed up as I think; and NO ONE has a clue inside that house?

Britney is the ONLY person that’s safe, at least, until Thursday’s episode begins.. Then What?

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