Well, NO shortage of drama; yet who is the Saboteur? But certainly a few “suspects” stuck out. We won’t officially find out till next Thursday, so for now, I’m curious as to who You All* “suspect”?

I have a couple of people in mind that just seemed to “stick out” a bit..

As to not completely ruin it for those of you on the West Coast, I’ll refrain from my suspicions. But I am curious to hear who you all think it may be?

I’m definitely pleased with the first episode though! We’re all in for one “CRAZY” Summer at Big Brother 12!

-I’ll be looking forward to watching “After Dark” on Showtime 2; probably in the morning though.

So, share your thoughts, your “likes”, your “dislikes”! Just try and keep it civil and as “clean” as possible….

Till Later…..

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