What a crazy first week for this new season of Big Brother!!

We’re already seeing the first “Showmance”! -spoiler alert(s)- If you don’t want to know, don’t read any further..

So, of all the “hot” men and women to “hook up”, who’d have guessed it would be Brendan and Rachel?!?

On another note, we have our first two Nominees already; Brendan AND Rachel! BUT, if you’re watching the Live Feeds, or After Dark, you may also know that the Power of Veto competition has already been played; and the winner of the first “Power of Veto” is, of all people, is Brendan!!

If Y’all were looking for a lively, drama-filled season; you’ve gotten your wish! (..and then some!)

The Paranoia about who the Saboteur is driving all the house-guests crazy; and from what I’ve been reading, many of US as well!! It seems that from one minute to the next, they’re “sure” it’s someone different. There does appear to be a lot of people thinking that the “Sab” is Kathy. Personally, I just don’t think so.

With all that said, I’ll leave the discussions open to all of you; would Big Brother “really” make any one particular person “stand out”, before they announce who that person REALLY is on the first LIVE episode on Thursday, July 15th??

…Let the games begin!!!


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