I guess to some it was just a matter of time, but personally, for two highly educated house-guests to have SEX with Camera people watching, and knowing full well it’s being taped for anyone to see, I’m actually surprised that “Brenchel” went ahead.

Aside from whatever their families will say, can’t this sort of “sex tape” really hurt their futures?

As far as I’m aware, no one else in the House knows, YET.

I am also confused at the logic, if there is any, for Rachel to put up the only two people they may have had some sort of an alliance with?

Matt, who told them straight out numerous times he’d be going after them, sits by with his “super genius” smirk.

I’m actually glad that I’m personally waiting to get the live feeds myself. Just reading about it all was more than enough!

So, I ask all of you; what in the world were they thinking? And, what will. Be the Fall-Out, if any?


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