I can’t wait for Ronnie the roach to be evicted and I wish there was a way to get Laura and Jordan off the block! Laura had him figured out first and foremost, yet she is the one who is supposively going home. Honestly, I do like both girls but Jordan is clueless a little and she can go home. Laura has the game down, I would like to see what she can bring in the upcoming weeks.

As far as the Jesse/Lydia thing…EW! I am disgusted by the pair of them and I truly feel in my heart of hearts that he is taking her for whatever she is worth and she is using him to stay in the game. Natalie has acrush on him hardcore and I cannot wait for the Lydia/Nat match because you know that is coming down the pike. I do feel that Jeff/Jordan make a cute couple and they are respectful of eachother which makes it all the better. Nothing is worse than the “Winter Porn” season of BB that aired!!! That was ridiculous and all it was missing was theme music on BBAD!

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