Wow is all I can say. When I turned my live feeds on at 12:45 am the entire house  had flipped on Ronnie. There was lots of yelling and screaming and everyone called him out on his lies. I have no idea what started it but I hope someone can elaborate further tomorrow until I can flashback.

Now this one fight right here was worth the small price of the  live feeds :D

I ALMOST feel bad but then I think of Braden gone and then poor Laura and Jordan on the block. (Keep your fingers crossed Jordan is safe!)

The plan now is the entire house will ignore him and he will be positively backdoored and go home next week. He will not have a chance to fight PoV.

(Will the plan change?)

Wow I have NEVER seen the entire house unite in such a way… Well minus Ronnie who is nearly in tears upstairs in HoH.

Every single secret is now out at 1:30 am and the house is still chatting it up and laughing out back.

Can’t wait to watch it all tomorrow!

Whoohoo the rat has been trapped!!

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