Did anyone catch the live feeds today between 11 and 11:30?? If not use the “flashback” mode :)

We had our first real verbal altercation between Russell and Jeff in the back yard. Both were working out and a lot of words were exchanged. I’d say Russell may have let his veto win go straight to his head! A lot of jumbo about “Technotronics” (must have to do with the veto competition where they had to spell words). Apparently Russell’s winning word was “Shotgun.”  THESE are just quotes from the argument. They are NOT in order, it would take all day to type out everything Russ had to say!!

Russell: “Technotronics Ladies and gentlemen, new word of the year, technotronics! Techno-f******-tronics.”

Russell: “How long did it take you to think of that one? HUH?! Little bit, little bit… You from Chi-town, Chi-town, people get a little crazy in Chi-town. Chi-town, what do they do in Chi-town… You tell me what do they do in Chi-town?”

Jeff: “Who you getting crazy with?”

Jeff: “You spelled “shotgun” you f****** dork.”

Russell: “Exactly! At least I won!”

Jeff: “F**k! Get a F****** personality!”

Russell: “Free Shot, free shot! take it!”

Russell: “I’m just going to float my way to the end!” (Making fun of Jeff)

Jeff: “It’s week one you F****** idiot!”

Russell spouts off more “technotronics” and Chi-town stuff and proceeds to tell Jeff he has the IQ the size of his shoe.

Jeff continues working out on the eliptical machine while Russell walks around like some big insane meathead talking junk. Jeff handles himself pretty calmly, I was impressed. I heard that Russell purposely instigated this fight (strategic) to get at Jeff.

Funny, I thought the verbal “catty” stuff starts off with the girls and those are the first real spats we generally see. It’s apparent by doing these “cliques” that we’ve got some very similar personalities in the house. It’s creating teammates to argue with teammates!! :)

Can’t wait to see how this season plays out. Hope you’ve all gotten the live feeds!!

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