Today was the PoV competition! I practically sat by my laptop the entire 4 hours! When the live feeds back came on Chima let us know that it was a “brain” endurance competition of some sort. I also know it had something to do with counting quarters. There were cash prizes involved. Chima made a big deal swearing at CBS for being cheap and only offering $5,000 instead of the previous years money prizes of $10,000.

The good news? JEFF WON!!! :D

At the start of the PoV comp Jeff told Ronnie that if he would admit he was “the rat” that he would throw the competition. He didn’t agree, haha.

So what happens next? It’s obvious Jeff will take himself down. Who will Ronnie put up as the replacement nominee?  Ronnie seems to act like he will put Russell up. Yet, I don’t think Ronnie would put Russell up unless he is absolutely positive he will go home — and in this game there are no guarantees… I just don’t think that he would risk pissing off Russell, Ronnie just doesn’t have it in him, he shakes in his shoes every time he gets around Russell. I guess the plan is whoever goes up, Laura will go home so it doesn’t make much difference… But then again things change every day with this game.

It’s going to be a wild week. I can’t believe the way this season has started out — Dramatic and action packed. The live feeds were well worth the money, the plotting, scheming and lies go on all day and night! You should get them if you haven’t yet!

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