This afternoon the PoV Ceremony was held in the big brother house by Veto winner, Russell… While there were many speculations about whether the PoV would be used and who would go up as a replacement nominee if it was used, the wait is OVER! The live feeds were turned off during the ceremony (which lasted about an hour). I wonder how many fans sat impatiently waiting by their computer for the entire hour to find out what happened! Yes, I am guilty!

The Results:

Russell removed Lydia from the block and Jessie nominated Braden as a replacement.

So, Chima and Braden are now on the block.

As the plan stands now the ones “running the house” (Jessie, Natalie, Russell) intend on getting the California surfer boy out on Thursday. We all know what a difference a day makes though!

I guess Lydia poured on the theatrics claiming not to know anything about Russell using the power of veto to save her. She’s becoming quite the drama queen! A lot of the houseguests aren’t buying her “act.” Poor Jordan was all prepared to go up and apparently took the whole thing really hard. She’s currently in tears over the whole situation. (Live feeds 2:00 p.m.)

So with these results the underdogs are trying to fight that battle of “good vs evil.”(For lack of a better term, Thanks Janet!) Will they vote the way the HoH “team” wants them to (to avoid being targeted next week) or will they do what they believe is “best” and “honorable.” Only time will tell Big Brother fans.

**One thing I would like to add. The live feeds change the game completely. If you think you know what is going on in the house just by watching CBS episodes you couldn’t be further from the truth. Having the live feeds shows you the true personality behind our quirky houseguests. I honestly think this will be one of the most explosive seasons yet! If you haven’t got them yet you are missing out on some serious gametalk and late night dramatic confrontations. Get them now, —-> HERE!  I love being able to “watch” the show whenever I need a little scheming and drama. So, sit back and enjoy the Big Brother ride! :)

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