I thought I would just write some random thoughts about the live feeds tonight. There wasn’t a lot of serious conversation going on mostly a lot of people talking over each other. These are my thoughts…

Yes, I am one of those weird ones and I loved seeing Jessie last season. I’m excited to see him back. I think he’s got more going on upstairs than just muscles. I still can’t get over how much he eats though. Here’s one of his “tweets” from Twitter he wrote while in the Diary Room: “Don’t worry as does BB have some surprises for us INSIDE the house… I have some surprises for everyone when the time comes too!!!” (By the way Jessie nominated Chima and Lydia for eviction today.)

It appears a “bromance” could be in the works between Jessie and Braden. They appear to be getting to be close buds. I think Russell will fit in with the two pretty well. It didn’t show too much of him on the feeds.

Casey’s gonna be a pretty funny guy. He is definitely the older version of Mike “Boogey” (but easily the better version).

What’s the opposite of bromance anyhow? Whatever it is, it appears that Jordan and Lydia have it. They actually referred to it as BBFF’s (Blonde Best Friends Forever).¬† Right when the live feeds switched on they were doing make-up and were in satin nighties. The rest of the houseguests found it rather funny and made fun behind their backs (one of the girls even referred to them as “sluts” I think it was Chima).

Jordan and Lydia pretty much dislike the popular group and some of the athletics. I haven’t quite figured out which ones exactly but they talk about several (the only name they have mentioned that I have caught is Laura). I think that will be interesting considering Jordan is in the popular group but doesn’t hang with them. It may end up biting her in the ass. I’m rather disappointed that Lydia is already on the block so I am interested in what will happen with the veto comp.

I like Ronnie, though a little on the annoying side. He’s DEFINITELY in the right “clique.” He doesn’t appear to be talking¬† much to the guys and is sticking to Lydia and Jordan.

Kevin isn’t as over-the-top as people probably originally thought. He’s actually pretty quiet. Honestly at 10pm he looked like it was WAY past his bedtime. The house changes people though, only time will tell with him.

Chima is a pretty girl… THEN she laughs and it almost frightens me and I must look away. I’m still trying to figure out why she is in the “brains” group. I haven’t heard her say anything intelligent.

Russell is a pretty chill guy. Also big into working out. He’s big into running and tells Jesse that he aspires to do a triathathon.

Lydia cried a lot after she had a few beers(she is NOT as tough as she looks). She must be an emotional drunk plus the pressure of being on the block. She seems very overly concerned with getting alcohol too. Jessie ended up feeling sorry for her and took her in the “green room” and they cuddled a little and they talked about her being on the block. Jessie assured her it was nothing personal. She kept trying to hug on him and say she wanted to sleep in his bed with her “baby blankie” and that they need to be “cuddle (and snuggle) buddies.” It’s sad how hard she is trying to sleep in his bed. Honestly Jessie is a pretty nice guy. It’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t want to share a bed with her again (apparently he, Lydia and Jordan slept in the same bed last night). He’s trying to be nice about the situation and not just flat out tell her no and that it’s going to screw his game if he does.

Natalie was teased about being a “brat” and everyones first impression of her was that she was a “good girl” they all find that humorous now. According to Lydia, Natalie wants Jessie bad.

I’ve hardly seen Michele on the feeds at all. And I haven’t seen Laura talk much, if she has I didn’t notice because all I CAN notice is her giant chest.

Natalie talked with Chima in the HoH room and she assured Chima that she will be safe and has the votes to stay. With Jessie feeling so bad about putting Lydia up things may change. (Jessie is a pretty good liar though). One thing that will work to Lydia’s advantage, I think Jessie knows he could get Lydia to pretty much do whatever he wants, He may want to keep her around longer.

At 12:30am all of the houseguests were still awake and hanging out in the backyard. Lots of laughing, talking and even some funny game/skit thing that Casey hosted (he’s hilarious). All seems to be fun in the BB house for now. I have a feeling that is going to change very soon. Mmwwahahaha!!

Catch it all here on the live feeds peeps! :D

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