I’m baaaaack! I haven’t been able to write lately because of some tragedies in the family. Expect to see more of me now!! :)

Soooo, I just had the pleasure (Bwahahaha, NOT) of chatting with Evicted Houseguest Jessie on Fancast this afternoon! I wanted to share some questions and answers asked by fans (me included).

Question: Jessie, who would you like to see out of the house next?

Jessie:  I have no preference. They all supposedly beat me in the game.  The juice is not worth the squeeze in this one.

Question: Jessie did you really have a feeling Jeff would use the power and put you up?

Jessie:  Was I wearinga shirt that said otherwise? I still love you. And I love being a sports entertainer. (What a weirdo he is!)

Question:  Did you not have as much chance as everyone to win HOH and not be in thats postion. Why is it America fault? AGAIN?

Jessie:  Because imagine playing any type of game wether it be board game or card game. And then having outside influence that you cannot control but they do not have my best interest in mind as well. That of which being America.

Question: Jessie will you vote for Jeff (good gameplay) or Nat (Personal) if they make it to the final two? (One of my questions).

Jessie: Good game play is very vague in that question. It was more like a guilt trip on the way Jeff was playing. Saying poor me poor me week 1 – 3 then all the way through 5 and he only got put up 1 time and he wasn’t even the target out of 5 weeks complaining that he was the worst player in the game. Wheras the only power that he has ever gotten has been when his back was against the was which I felt as soon as I walked in or the power that was bestowed upon him due to however you want to look at it whether it be the sob story of him being the worst player or America picking someone to come after me.

Question: What are you true feelings for Natalie? We heard you tell Chima many times that you liked her? Did it bother you as much as it looked like it did when she talked about her boyfriend?

Jessie: Good question. Gimme a minute I’m trying to think about that one. Your comment has been sent outside of the house with situations being different between us, she would definitely be someone that I would like to pursue.

Question: What mistakes do you think you made in the game?

Jessie: I couldn’t have changed anything nor would I have. Apparently not befriending the only people that mattered. The people of America. Furthermore, I should have been safe all 5 weeks because of who I aligned myself with. Cant put it any simpler than that. We won thats what winners do.

The Q &A goes on and on. Jessie ignored all my questions regarding his “physical” relationship with Lydia and the moderator of the chat was careful about what they did allow Jessie to answer.

All I really have to say is THANK YOU JEFF for using the power and getting Jessie the ‘dud muscle’ out. The funny thing is, I liked him last season but thanks to the live feeds I saw a completely different side of him this season and it wasn’t pretty. It was rather sickening how egotistical he is. Did anyone catch the fight between Russ and Jess the other night on the live feeds? If not, you missed out! It was so funny to see how nervous Jessie got when Russ came face to face to him. It was also pretty bizarre how quickly the fight diffused after many minutes of yelling; all of a sudden they both started laughing (probably realizing how ridiculous they were being). It was by far one of the funniest moments on the feeds.

Last night after the eviction on the live feeds the new “threesome” Chima, Natalie and Lydia sat at the dining room table drinking Jessie’s left behind wine (Yes, Natalie drank… she claimed to befriend production and they let her… come on people, wake up and realize she is NOT 18!) Anyhow they were having some sort of “wake” for Jessie. It was beyond the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. Later they began “stealing” things of the other houseguests and dumped Russ’s suitcase out all over the floor. They were acting really immature.

Also, was anyone else shocked that Russ voted for Jessie to stay? If I were Jeff and I just saved his ass I would be pissed!

I hope that Michele is really going to put up Chima and Natalie. That is the word so far. Hopefully she continues to bond with Jordan and Jeff. Jordan slept in the HoH bed last night with Michele. She has also agreed to try to get to the final 3 with Jeff and Jordan.

Hope you all have the live feeds this season. They are worth every penny, lots of late night fighting and unsensored drama. Who could ask for anything better? Clickity-Click-Click-Click GET THEM HERE! :)

See ya Jessie… Maybe America is trying to tell YOU something. ;)

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