I don’t know about you but I AM READY for some BB!!

I didn’t get to finish out the season last year (blogging and feeds) due to a couple of deaths within my family. With the sadness aside, I am so ready for this season!

Rumor has it the house will have a “Beach theme” and we will be in for some NEW twists! Allison told us to “expect the unexpected” but you can believe that my mind is already turning on what could BE that “unexpected.” Apparently the game is going to change in some way (again, speculation).

I would love to hear some theories on what some of these changes to the game could be!

Could it be that the traditional HoH could change in some way?

What about the PoV?

Wouldn’t it be interesting if the person using the PoV would have the choice in who replaces them on the block? Boy, my mind goes crazy thinking about the gameplay that would go down if this were the case!

Again, just theorizing here… Anyone out there have any crazy gameplay changes that could be made this season to give us all a new spin on our favorite show?

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