From CBS/Big Brother:

The Big Brother Saboteur

This season, one house guest, the “Saboteur,” will enter the Big Brother house with one goal in mind – to secretly wreak havoc on the other guests – and we need YOU to help us give him or her the tasks!

1. On July 15, tune in to the first Big Brother live show to find out who the Saboteur is
2. Come back to to start submitting your sabotage suggestions
3. Tune in to Big Brother to see if your suggestions are played out by the Saboteur on air!
Check out the Promo Video HERE
This is interesting. I don’t know if anyone else follows any other Big Brother shows but in the UK they just did this twist. The “mole” Mario was chosen at random in front of a live audience as the last housemate. The difference is, they put him in the house WITH a mole costume and sign that read “I am a Mole.” It created a stir amongst houseguests and poor Mario had to sabotage food and other things while the houseguests slept – then by day he had to say he had no idea why Big Brother would make him wear the costume and “frame” him… Poor guy, it only lasted a little over a week and UK producers squashed the idea… Luckily they let him stay.
Looks like the U.S. is doing their “mole” a little different.
Sure sounds like “America’s Player” if you ask me.
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