Anyone catching the live feeds right now? Jessie and Lydia made a make-shift tent out of the bed and have been carefully fooling around underneath. It’s not showing a whole lot but you can tell that things are going on! Man if only Natalie walked in right now!!!! The only distict words I heard was Lydia telling Jessie to “keep his hands to himself” and then giggling. I know he doesn’t have pants on because he stated that awhile ago when she laid down to “nap” with him. She just got up and grabbed something, looked like a towel? Then got back in bed under the “tent.”

Something’s a brewing in the BB house and I think we’ve got our first HoMance of the season!!

Catch the live feeds, the “action” started at about 3:45pm. If you missed it use the “flashback” feature.

The two are peacefully sleeping now… Aww how sweet, NOT!

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