What Ronnie did was wrong. I don’t like seeing the guy on the show, his gameplay and his annoying personality irritates me. Last night when watching the live feeds I celebrated like many others when Ronnie was called out on his lies. Karma does bite back and it usually bites back harder.

Enough is enough though. Ronnie is weak, WE all knew that. The houseguests SHOULD know that by now by him staying in his room. This is ridiculous. I have a feeling there are only a handful of viewers watching the feeds that find all of this perfectly acceptable gameplay.

It makes me sad to see how this played out. I would have liked to see the houseguests call him out like they did, tell him to accept his fate that he will be out the door next week and then not shun him and ridicule him. They are acting like no better of a person than he was. Ronnie is nothing but a star-struck HUGE fan of the game and that got in his way. Chalk it up as bad moves in the game and allow him to know and await his fate without further ridicule. Can they not tell that he knows what a mistake he made?

Maybe I am just a big softy but I can’t stand to even watch the live feeds seeing him so depressed and locked in his room crying. It’s out of control. I hope this ends soon, it’s painful to watch and until Russ and the others cut him a little slack I’m turning the screen off. :(

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