A recap of the going on’s in the BB house today. Biggest topic of discussion, Ronnie, (who by the way, sported a black tee today with bright red words across reading DORK… (If you don’t tone down your gameplay Ron-o you will be feeling like a dork when you walk out of there and watch these live feeds!)

Ronnie without a doubt is playing both sides. I’m not quite sure where his loyalty lies. He was cornered by both Russ and Jessie today because word leaked to Braden that the POV was going to be used, Lydia would come off the block, and Braden would be backdoored and then go up. After working for nearly hours convincing Russ and Jessie that he wasn’t the “rat” he secretly ran to Jordan and told him that they are “dead in the water” and that they knew someone told Braden. (Apparently Ronnie did indeed tell Jordan the plan, who in return told Braden).

How do the houseguests respond with all the Ronnie today? (Undoubtedly no one failed to notice Ronnie nearly out of breath constantly running from one side to the other ALL day).

10:41pm Big Brother Time — Ronnie finally checks out to go to bed, claiming to be tired.

Chima, Casey, Laura and Russell laugh and make jokes when Ronnie departs. Claiming that he’s been busy today, running around and talking so much.

Chima: “He’s exhausted himself, poor baby.”

Chima: “And I feel like it’s probably going to come across as mean on tv but I’m like ‘look, seriously I can’t do it anymore, make it short, I gotta get in the shower’”.

Everyone laughs…

Laura: “He does it to everybody. Like how do you believe where he stands? Cause he’s up everybody’s a** all the time. He’s a professional floater.”

Russell: “Lurk A’ Magoo”

Chima: “What did you call him? Captain….?”

Russell: “Captain Lurks A’ Lot. He just lurks.”

Casey: “He’s a lurker, man.”

Russell: “He’s like that creepy dude in the neighborhood watch where you’re just like, ‘does he live here?’ And he’s just creeping around and your kids are playing and you see him and you are like ‘get inside, inside!’ ”

Everyone laughs…

Chima: “Aww he’s not that bad. I think your kids are safe. I think he’s just a fan… like a ridiculous fan… that finally got on the show and he doesn’t know what to do with himself.”

Everyone laughs… Again!

Elsewhere in the big brother house…

Lydia, Jordan, Jessie and Natalie hash it all out in the HoH room. Would have, could have, should have and why Jeff and Jordan are in the predicament they are in… It’s getting heated in there and I’ve had to pause and crank up the AC. You should get the live feeds and check it out!!

‘Till tomorrow Big Brother fans! :D

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