Ooohh, I’m so excited! We are nearing the starting line folks!!

Over the years we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve sat on the edge of our seats saying words we’d be ashamed if dear ole Grams overheard… We’ve witnessed emotional explosions, muscle explosions and the infamous sexual explosions (*insert April and Ollie moans here*) that our sad boring lives long for! We shed tears, we stop eating, we take up ballroom dance lessons and binge drinking¬† just to ease the pain of withdrawal! Well cry no more, throw your social life in the garbage and bust out the cake… BIG BROTHER IS BACK IN ACTION!!

For me, there is nothing sexier than an intelligent mind. Oh sure, I love the “eye candy” like all the rest but what gets me most is watching the human mind of a male (or female) analyze, execute and conquer. I have to say, while Dr. Will had his moments of taking cockiness to the extreme, I absolutely relished in his gameplay. Of course, Dr. Will is just an obvious example, there are many others that I enjoy succumbing to… I love their witty ways and being brainwashed out of sheer enjoyment.

My question of the day for you is, WHO has had the “sexiest” gameplay out of seasons past? Who truly was the ultimate mastermind? Who’s mind made you quiver? My “sexy” mind wants to know!!

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