Braden deserves to go home!!!! Don’t sacrifice your place in the game!!

Okay. Live feeds 2:00ish am. Bunch of drama in the HoH room.

I missed the beginning (darn Essay class) Laura was called out by Jessie, Natalie, Chima and Ronnie because she was going to vote to save Braden (Apparent sympathy vote). Long story short they went around in circles and I think Laura is still going to vote to KEEP Braden. The convo ended with Jessie getting really mad and asking her to leave. It sort of felt like the group was ganging up on Laura but some of the stuff she was saying didn’t make a lot of sense. Just say you wanted to keep Braden, period.

The clan (minus Ronnie) then about 2:25am on the live feeds called up Jeff and offered he and Jordan “friends” and some sort of safety if they vote to evict Braden. Jeff doesn’t seem to be buying it. They have been trying to convince him for over 20 minutes!! Come on Jeff, save yourself and Jordan. I don’t think Braden will stay regardless!! Chima says that if they don’t vote to keep her and make a “leap of good faith” she will target the two! I’m not ready to see Jeff or Jordan leave.

Lets hope he uses his head here, keep Chima and save themselves. Otherwise both Jordan and Jeff will surely be up if Chima, Russell or Natalie win HoH, even possibly if Michele, Lydia, or Laura win.

Maybe he will wake Jordan up and tell her the deal. Catch it here on the live feeds!! :D


Now I feel kinda silly. I just heard that indeed the house had flipped sides but I had missed that part. I guess they DO have the numbers if Ronnie doesn’t cave. Something tells me he will. I just want Jeff and Jordan to stay. I’m praying one of them wins HoH.
I will probably cry if Lydia does because I would put money on it that she would put up both Jeff and Jordan. I cannot STAND Lydia. I think she has lost the majority of her supporters in less than a week. If she only knew… The only other people I would strongly worry about getting HoH is Nat, Ronnie, Russell or Chima… I can’t wait till tonight!!!

I was a Jessie supporter in the beginning. Especially last season. I’m over him. I’m ready to see him squirm again like last season. There are far “better” more honorable people that deserve to go further in the game.

Go Jordan and Jeff.
I like Casey and Michele too.
The rest, blah, Feel very indifferent towards them.

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