First off, Matt.. I swear you scooped the words out of my brain and typed them in word for word.. Weird..LOL!

I was high fiving my husband and son, we were whooping and hollering when they announced the CDT! You would think that WE had just won the prize.  The weird thing  is that Jeff and Jordan engender that kind of feeling in people. Do you guys not feel like they are dear old friends you are cheering on??

OK.. Like Matt, I was almost as excited about Chima winning HOH as I was about Ratboy going out the door.  PERFECT SCENARIO.. Matt already explained it better than I could, but what Jeff has to do this week is…  Start subtly feeling out Kevin and Michelle, (NOT Lydia and probably not Russell.  He needs to leave them utterly in the dark) about possible “what would you do’s”….. What IF Jess and Nat were on the block, what would you do??  He has already given Jordan several clues that he is the winner, but she was really wound up last night on the LIVE FEEDS and was not really listening too well.  So he is going to have to get her alone and kiss her…..and…….. (sorry, just went off daydreaming for a sec-LOL!) , I mean and……. TALK to her and explain how she does not need to worry.. etc..

He has got to get it across to her without revealing.. OH and I TOTALLY think he threw that question in the HOH!!!  The second that Jessie got out, he got out on the VERY NEXT ONE.. and did you guys not see the fake “Oh my goodness I missed that one?”  look on his face????  I am putting money on it right here and now, that he tanked that on purpose..  God Bless her, but I really think that only Jordan would have probably missed that  Glass Houses question on accident..

So…………..  We all know that Jessie is his target, and the ONLY thing that will save him is the POV.  IF (please, no) Jessie does get the POV, well then it is bye bye Pigpen…  and Actually, that may not be the worst thing in the world.  I am FAR (oh so far) from being a fan of Jessies, but SHE is truly a nasty person inside and out.. JEssie, though is NERVOUS… He knows that power is out there, and he is going to be super cautious this week, whereas Natalie will be an arrogant little ass.  Either way, as long as Jess does not get the POV, JEff is going to get him!

Now, the repercussions of this action are going to be ugly, but I do not want to talk about that today.  I am still on a high from last night.. We can talk future doom and gloom later..

OK, so the one thing that I can’t WAIT for is to see that SMIRK wiped off Natalie’s nasty little face, one way or the other! LOL

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