OK, I am sure by now, most of you know that Russell lost his mind this afternoon.  While working out with weights, he out of the clear blue sky just went after Jeff who was innocently working out on the elliptical machine.  He started by spelling the word JEff misspelled in the POV over and over, then made fun of him being from Chicago (okay??), then bowed up, asking Jeff to fight him!!!  Jeff, baffled, at first tried to ignore him, and even though he fired back, did keep his cool.  Russell made himself look like a complete moron.  Then Natalie or “scrappy” made some unwise comments about him not being part of their team Jeff tried to tell her that they had cut him out from the beginning and THAT went on and on…AFter this embarrassing incident, Russ took Nat to the HAve Not room and told her that he had done that on purpose to rattle JEff, trying an Evil Dick strategy.  Uh Russell.. it is week ONE and YOU are no Evil Dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The problem that I see, however, is that with Russell winning the POV, and the gorila gang deciding to save Lydia and put up Braden; as long as she will vote their way, the JEff/Jordan/Braden group is in a lot of trouble.

Now we come to the most inept weasel I believe we have ever seen in the BB house!  Ronnie… The BB house has always had a resident weasel, but for goodness sake, dude!  I’ll bet you have to take ibuprofen tonite because your legs will be so tired from literally running from one group to another. It is only a matter of time (and a very short time) when he is caught out.  Already Russell grilled him like a piece of tuna up in the HOH room.  Ronnie, obviously intimidated by Russell was stammering and tap dancing, but I don’t think Russell bought it for a second..

The wild cards so far are… Michelle and Kevin, who are so quiet i forget they are there..Casey and Chima..and Lydia, who I am afraid has already gone over to the dark side, even though Jeff and Jordan have been campaining for her for three days.

Boy, it is early days yet for things to get so heated, crazy and divided!! If I hadn’t had the live feeds  to see all this with my own eyes I would have been SOOO disappointed!!!  CRAZY SEASON AHEAD, guys!!

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