Hey ya’ll.. Well, just when I think that being in that house, and especially being HOH has driven people to the brink of insanity.. I find out that it not only drives them to the brink, that people are willingly jumping off the edge and out into the cold abyss..

No, I am NOT talking about Chima. The only thing I think about Chima, is that she is a very sad, angry, damaged person who needs a lot of help.

No, I am talking about Jeff and Jordan!! I believe Jeff said it best last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds  when he said “‘we do so much better when we are on the bottom, we get power & we don’t know what to do w/it, we throw it away” .   I am going to second that, and throw in a whole lot of naivete and paranoia into the bargain.  J and J had  really given Russell a hard time about being paranoid in the HOH, but now..

The hardest pill for me to swallow in this situation is, that freakin’ NATALIE looks set to get away with it once again.  I have seen previous posts referring to this little girl as a scary monster.  Isn’t it sociopaths who do not know right from wrong and often believe their own lies?? IT is CREEPY the way she tilts her head up and kind of sideways and looks at people from the corners of her eyes when she is lying.  She freaks me out… and our little Jordan has fell for her evil spell.  She and JEff made an agreement with her last night.. They will not vote her out, will take her off and put Russ up if POV used, and in return she will not put them up.. OK…

What the HELL kind of deal is that.. Ok.. I will not smack you with this hammer I am holding in my hand right at this exact moment…if you promise me that SOMEDAY, IF you ever happen to HAVE a hammer, that you will not hit ME with it…  I mean come ON people… You JUST gave all of your power away..She has NOTHING to give you in return!

You NEVER, EVER, EVER break out of a tight F4 alliance when there are still 3 dang enemies in the house!! ARGGHH!

Ok, so you guys know who I have been rooting for 100% this whole season. But.. if he really does this ASININE thing with Natalie.. I honestly may have to rethink things..

What do you guys think, and how many of you have gotten hoarse from yelling at the computer.. “OMG, QUIT TALKING TO HER!!! SHE IS LYING TO YOU, YOU IDIOTS!”??  Come on now.. show of hands…

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