OK, What do ya’ll think???  Will we have a big twist tonight?  I do not think they are going to let Jordan hang out there by herself.. I predict a BIG shake-up.  Survivor style or something where they have to pick a T-Shirt out of a bag..  Maybe they will play the teeter-totter game and depending on the color ball you get, you will be reshuffled into different teams…. OOOO can’t wait!

You know what?  This is weird.. I honestly don’t know how to feel about most of these crazy people.  They are so random that I just shake my head in disbelief! 

OK, on the LIVE FEEDS this am, Nat and Lydia snuck up to Ronnie’s room, apparently bringing him food. They told him that they wanted to bring him food but the other HG’s would not let them.  They told him that THEY did not want him out, and that it was mostly Casey and Michelle!  They told him not to trust Russell, yet Russ has been up to see Ron several times. 

Jessie is orchestrating all this.  It is an awfully big gamble. If it gets out to the rest of the house (and hello….this season’s hg’s cannot hold a secret for two seconds) they will be considered backstabbing traitors.  All the while Russ’s so called tormenting was a big show.  I believe that Russ meant it in the beginning, and then started thinking how this could benefit him.  Several people found it very fishy.

They are also totally changing the plan as far as the Brains lying up during HOH. Casey, after getting a weird vibe, actually was trying to help Michelle and Chima. He told them, that unless they trusted all these people 100%, that HE would not throw comp. He was telling them this simply to help them, but of course Nat took it and is spreading that HE was in cahoots wanting to save Ronnie. That little she-devil needs a muzzle put on her.  And that oh so wise sage Jessie is again sitting back and letting his little harem do all the dirty work.  Russell does not like all the attention that Jessie is getting. And now that the dirty deed Lyd and Jess did is becoming common knowledge, it is just a matter of time before Nat finds out.

 Lydia is a dishrag.  Not only is she being used like one, the way she slumps over almost hunchbacked all the time, she just looks like she is going to fall over limp like one.

Jeff and Jordan are doing the SMART thing right now and letting things just play out and wash over them.  Laura has given up, and wants nothing but to go home. I hate to see her go this way.  (IF she goes, who knows, these lunatics could decide today on the LIVE FEEDS to go with Jordan)


Now… the question is… 1

1.)     What will they do with the cliques??? They have to have something planned.. They cannot leave Jordan out there by herself.  I wonder if it won’t be something like on Survivor where they have to select new buffs and the whole thing shuffles.. MAN that would be too awesome!!

2.)    Who is new HOH.. As usual, EVERYTHING depends on who is HOH.  If it is Jess and any of his gang, I have a feeling  the cockroach will be safe to scurry another week…


I So want to be able to watch the BIG BROTHER LIVE FEEDS today to gauge the mood of the house today to see what revelations are in store. If you haven’t signed up for the LIVE FEEDS you can do so RIGHT HERE ..  We have JUST gotten this party started, and like I said up top.. THESE PEOPLE ARE NUTS!!!





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