Well, I guess this just goes to prove that BB IS real life and not fictional.  The heroes did not win.  In any movie worth it’s salt, the bad guys never win out, so…..

This is weird and slightly frightening to me…  I am actually feeling depressed today.. That is scary, don’t you think?? With the Big Brother live feeds you feel like you truly know and care about these people.  I usually don’t feel like this until at least the third or fourth week, but this year seems very different. Do you guys think this house has a very different vibe from previous seasons?  Much more maliciousness…

Anyway, enough about my feelings, I want to talk about Ronnies true motivation for what he did last night.

First off, he is such a little creep.  I felt this way before the betrayal, but was trying to look past it.  I understand that he made a choice.  But COME ON!!  After all that, you really think you are going to get away with the Good Guy alliance not figuring it out????  You can point all the fingers you want to Michelle and Casey, but Laura for one (smart cookie, we are discovering.. I am liking her more and more..there seems to be a big brain behind those big boobs) has your number.  Once she got finished FINALLY convincing the rest of the gang how it just HAD to be Ronnie, they FINALLY gave way to it..

But NOW.. the little snake in the grass (lying sympathetically to the good guys, while high-fiving the “Others”) wins HOH!!!!  My heart fell the rest of the way into my feet… So now what do the good guys do?? They can’t confront him with it until the nominations and POV are over.. They just have to bend over and take it from the “Others”.

My REAL question is…… What are his true motivations????  IF he is playing for himself, and he is trying to get out the biggest threats to his game in the long run, then he will put up one person from each side.. If he does this, I will respect his game, even if I don’t like him………………………….IF all he was trying to do,  is please Russell and Jesse and do what they wanted because he was intimidated, and wanted the “jocks” to  like him….. that is another story.  The jocks in his high school were probably like mortal gods to someone like him, so he figures now he can truly be “one of them” .. That will be just pathetic!  If he betrayed people who truly cared about him, and were nice to him just because by doing so, he can FINALLY hang out with the jocks (who incidentally make fun of him constantly behind his back),  I am going to be sick.

We will see today.  On the live feeds we will be able to tell very quickly by who he puts up.. No matter WHAT his justification is, if he puts up two people from the Jess/Jor/Casey/Laura/Michelle alliance– I don’t think he can get away with playing both sides any more.  I was yelling at the TV this morning when Jeff said “I’ll bet people at home are going… CANT YOU SEE WHO BETRAYED YOU?? THEY ARE STANDING RIGHT THERE!!!”   

So, the question remains…. Is Ronnie a clever player, or a pathetic  wanna be who just wants the big boys to finally play with him????


I am going to be glued to the BB live feeds pretty much throughout the weekend. If you don’t have them yet, remember it is the FIRST WEEK!!!!!  Just IMAGINE the drama ahead of us…………….

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