Well, I thought the show was great, but even knowing that it would probably be Jessie to come back, after seeing Brian and Jessica, I still had hopes!!Oh well, he is nothing if not entertaining.. 

After the HG’s made it into the house and the ritual bed-picking, it was time for the champagne.  I thought it was interesting to see the little cringes and fakeness.. I saw several people cringe when Chima kept laughing..Several lies already being told.. 18??? Come ON…. 18 Natalie???  I don’t think anyone bought that!  Michele downplaying her job is a good move, as long as she keeps it up.

Once the cliques were announced, seeing how they responded to where they were placed was telling, I thought.  Chima being VERY adamant to tell us she was smart but also popular.. Casey being offended by being included in the off-beats.. (Come on.. what were you thinking???) The producers are really clever to do this. I wasn’t sure at first about it, but everyone remembers their high school experience.  For some of us, it was one of the best times of our lives, for others..nothing but four years of torture!  i believe we are about to see that played out again, but as I am tending toward the Brains and OffBeats as of right now.. I hope it won’t follow normal high school suvival rates.. !!

I live in Central Time Zone, so now I have to wait until 11ish to see feeds, and BBAD on DVR in the am.. The one thing that is bugging me a tad is..what all have we missed for the last five days.  There could have been some MAJOR developments since then. 

For now.. all I can say is “Hang in there (not literally, quite obviously) brains and offbeats”

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