Hey ya’ll.. Well Who’da thunk it?? Russ went out with total class!  He thanked every one and shook hands and hugged everyone at the end.  I was impressed and glad to see it go that way.  Jeff and Jordan especially could not and would not see that most of what he was doing was gameplay. Jordan is still steaming over the “fat” comment, and I don’t see her getting over that ever.

Now what, though.. Ok.. This week, VETO is everything.  I am actually glad for Kevin winning HOH!!  It doesn’t even really matter who gets put  up.  Michelle will go on the block, almost certainly. Speaking of Michelle.. How many of you were yelling at the BIG BROTHER  LIVE FEEDS everytime Michelle put her cup down before she poured her hot chocolate in and wiped the top TWICE.  THAT is what caused her to lose the comp.  She spent so much time at the big bowl!!  But lets think about this…Kevin being HOH is likely to be a good thing for our Michelle.  IF she survives this week, this will allow her to play for the next HOH, and then she can play the next one as well.  This is a big IF….

Here is how I see it.  the smartest move for Kevin is to put up Jordan and Michelle. He promised Jeff he would not put him up and he has to assume that Jeff will win POV.  IF Jeff wins POV, then our Michelle is gone. I hate that so bad, and that is why she HAS to win POV.  She knows this and I hope she fights like a tiger for it! BUT if ANYONE else (other than Jordan-who says she will not use the POV if she wins it) wins POV, then Kev should take one of the noms down, put Jeff up and out.. Done..

OF course, be prepared for a POV comp that is Jeff-friendly.  Obviously, from the CBS edit, BB knows already who they want to win.  I will root for Michelle 100% to win the POV, and IF she does, then we will see JEff gone.  With Jeff gone, JOrdan will be totally lost.  IF Jeff wins POV, I say he won’t use it, trusting the oh, so honest Natalie to keep her word to take out Michelle.. I’m not sure what Kev and Nat would do at that point. Go ahead and take out the bigger threat-Mich- or break up the couple.  Of course, if they did that, Jeff would come after them, so they probably would not. Safer bet is to take out Michelle. :(

The thing that I am HATE about Kevin winning is that this means that we are going to have to endure another week of Michelle-bashing!  She will be ignored and left all alone all week.  JOrdan has turned into the biggest Michelle-basher in the house, and it is making me sick!  Jeff is right behind her in this.  All the while Michelle has supported and been on team Jeff. He is blind. And he really, really doesn’t think that Nat and Kev will go after him. NO ONE would have the cahones to go after King Jeff.. PLEASE PLEASE put JEff up!

I like Kevin, he does not really participate in the bashing. He does his best to stay out of the ugliness, and I respect him for that.  Last night on BBAD, JEff said to Kevin ”So, Michelle is going, right?” and Kevin kind of hemmed and hawwed, and did not answer. So, we will see where he stands today.  Obviously, Kevin and NAt want Jeff out, and only the veto stands between his eviction. 

Michelle, girlfriend, you better go AFTER that VETO!  We all are pulling for you! FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!  Don’t let the Bastards get you down!!

I can’t wait to to see what Kev does today.  I SO, SO, SO hope he puts Jeff up, I will cheer and clap and wait with total impatience for the POV comp. Everyone who is Michelle fan, send her your good vibes!

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