Ya’ll, I was not going to blog until after the show tonight because we have all pretty much speculated on every aspect of what ifs….  and this is not going to be long, because killer and doc have covered it very well and you don’t necessarily need my two cents on the S.O.S.. HOWEVER.. I could not BE more disappointed in CBS for CAVING the way they have.. If you had told me a week ago that this would happen, I would have called you a liar..  An ENTIRE NETWORK IS CHANGING 10 YEARS OF BROADCAST HISTORY  because ONE angry, bitter, dried up old has-been/wanna be is holding them hostage.. THIS IS BLACKMAIL PURE AND SIMPLE.. She has been treated exactly the same as 150-odd other HG’s over the years.. IS she truly tied up tightly to someone in the network so much so that they would go to these lengths?  Does she hold some kind of secrets over someone high up at CBS??/ WTF????????  SHE IS TAKING THE SHOW HOSTAGE!!

Oh well, I will sit in my living room with my husband and my son like a good little viewer, but I will NOT buy the BS edit that you KNOW they will throw on this, and PLEASE don’t you either!!!  MAtt, Killer, MD and I, have been reporting the truth to you guys all this time.. You have said that you depend on us to give you true info.. Here is some for ya…. CBS will NOT be honest with us on what really happens tonight.  We will not have the live feeds to give you the truth, so this whole night is going to be a big BLACK OUT!  The most exciting night in BB history that most of us have ever experience is going to be a big SOFT SELL>>> 

If, after one person has changed the expectations of, what was it, 6.8 MILLION people, this SCRAP of humanity does not at LEAST get a penalty nom???  Then we might as well all just give her the prize and be happy about it.. :)

NOT>>>  :(

OK, I have vented, and even though i am still TICKED AS HELL!!! Since there is not a dang thing I can do about it, other than to ask everyone on here to protest to CBS.com- at the bottom USER FEEDBACK, I will leave this along for now.. Hopefully, tomorrow you will hear from  a much improved-in-temperment Janet..

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