OK… WOW???  This could be a bumper crop of the most sexed up group of HG’s I believe we have ever had.  Their late night talks on the Big Brother Live Feeds out in the BY were hilarious but explicit!!!

The curious part of it, was that a great deal of the talk came from angel faced Michelle!! That blew me away! It was actually VERY FUNNY- (if a little gross, to my tender ears).

Speaking of sexed up, I guess everyone has heard of Lydia and JEssie’s blanket tent session up in the HOH room.  These two made a tent of blankets, crawled under them, and  heavy breathing ensued.  After a certain time, Lydia came out, grabbed something (a towel, some have said),  then they both laid back and had a little nap.  Later that night, Lydia was moping with Kevin in the spa room. She says “You would think that with the afternoon delight I had with him this afternoon, I could at least snuggle with him, but he is letting Natalie sleep in his bed instead.”  Lydia, honey… bless your heart.  Didn’t your mother tell you that there are girls who men  go under a blanket tent for 15 mins with,  and girls who men want to  snuggle and share their bed with for a whole night.  So… don’t be a tent girl…Sugar, men never marry tent girls! 

The show on CBS was good last night, I think they have not really showed too much of a bias as of yet. I am glad they at least showed JEff saying “Russell and Jessie are just like high school bullies, and I will try to protect the rest of the house from them.”  I believe Jeff is honestly trying to do that.  OK you got me.. I may have a tiny crush on JEff.  He reminds me of the slightly outcast hero in the movies about high school.  The ones where the good guy always beats the bullies in the end and gets the girl. 

Ronnie seemed a little quiter yesterday.  On the live feeds last night, though, when he had some alcohol on board, he was bragging to Jordan about how smart he was.  He ”confessed” to her how he was a national champion persuasive speaker etc.. Yet, anytime Russell looks crossways at him, he almost pees himself! I truly hope he can stand up to Russell if his time comes. I honestly wonder if he would be too afraid and intimidated to put Russell or Jessie on the block???  Russell is almost like a cartoon characature of a bully.  He is absolutely ridiculous!

There has been more on the Big Brother Live Feeds in the first week of the season, than we have seen in the first MONTH of some seasons, and we have JUST STARTED.  IF you love Big Brother , they are SOOO worth it!!.. Otherwise, I PROMISE you are not getting even a tenth of the whole story!

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