Hey ya’ll!!  W..O..W!!!!!  OK, I’ll say it again.. W…O…W…!!  I woke up early, just happened to flip open the LIVE FEEDS and GUESS WHAT ladies and gentlemen???     We has us a nighttime veto and (da da da da dummmmmmmmmmm)

MICHELLE WON!!!!  That’s right, you heard me correctly… our little beat down, stepped on, slammed against the wall… Michelle won!!!  So, for all of you keeping score.. That is 1 HOH, and 3 POV’s!!  I’ll tell ya, I just had a GUT feeling that she would.  She was due, and after all the BS that she had been put through here lately, I was SOO ready for it..  So connect the dots….

Now, my hopes for a Mich/Kevin F2 is actually a possibility!   I am over the MOON about this!  

WE will see now if Jeff (who I do not hate, and you KNOW will win the America’s choice $25,000- and be asked back for All-Stars) can be as gracious in defeat as he claimed Russell could not be.  I have a feeling he will be, I think at heart he is a good guy, and just got wrapped up into the power.. Oh well…..

OK, now get this….  Right after the comp, first Natalie was up in HOH with Michelle and Kevin “celebrating” telling her how much she always wanted her to win, she was for her all along, blah, blah, blah.. I cannot WAIT for Kev to be on the block against her and out her lies… Get ready guys, IT IS COMING!!!  But THIS next part is what made me go WHAT?????!!

Nat goes down to RR with Jordan telling her how she hates Michelle (immediately after telling her how much she loves her upstairs) how much she sucks, blah, blah, blah… and Jordan says….”I think I will campaign for me to go home, because he deserves to win this more than Ido”!!!  OK????  Can we say Drink the koolaid?????  WHAT???  I do have to give Nat ONE prop.. She told Jordan.. “Are you KIDDING?????? Don’t say that, this is for 1/2 million dollars, dude”  Jordan still saying she won’t win, and she wants to go home instead. 

Anyhoo….   OUR GIRL WON POV…She actually has a chance now, and I am going to enjoy this week.  We will see if Jeff can practice what he preaches…

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