Boy oh Boy!!!  WE have a new alliance going people, the HGA (Hot Guy Alliance)!  I am so thrilled that Jeff and Russell have made a secret alliance, and that their major goal is to get rid of Jessie.  My perception of Russell has gone way up.  His going after Ronnie and his reasons behind it are just wonderful! Ronnie swore on the bible and on his family’s life (better not leave the house family or be around any sharp objects) that he had  not told Lydia and Kevin that he could “control” Russell. He thought that only Casey had heard him say that. What he didn’t know, was that Russell was also listening at the door! LOL  Russ gave him several chances to retract is, but you know that little cockroach does nothing but lie and backpedal..   Now his is trying to play the “poor me” card….again…  It cannot possibly work again…  I don’t think Jessie will stick his neck out that far again to save him..

Now.. The WIZARD power.  That is what the HG’s are calling it! FUNNY!! For some weird unknown reason, Ronnie not only thinks he is going to get the power, he has almost convinced everyone else that he will get it.. WHY on earth they would think that America likes the cockroach is beyond me..

If the polls are correct, it is inevitable the our Jeff is going to wield the wizard’s wand.  The question is… How will he Use it?? Last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds (which, by the way, if you are still pondering whether to sign up for your free trial or not… TRUST ME! Now is the time.  SIGN UP HERE!!!  )  Jeff said the he was “consumed” about the power and what it will do.. He says that if he gets it, his goal will be to get Jessie out!! Now hello… Anyone who hasn’t voted yet, that is your clue to VOTE, VOTE, and VOTE some more for Jeff!!!  HE will use the power for the forces of good!!!  He will take the Pin-Head DOWN!!  I understand the comic irony in taking him out this week..week four again.. but, if he knows that Russell is going to be successful in getting rid of the Roach, it would be a waste to use it.  He should save it for next week in case he and/or Jordan is in trouble.

As much as I would hate to have to sit through another NBK HOH, as long as Jessie is not HOH, even if (especially if) Jeff and Jordan are on the block, he would just have to play it cool… get to the eviction.. then say “You know what, I am not really happy with this situation, so… hmmm.. Jessie, why don’t you and Natalie, or Chima get up there on the block so we can send you…Jessie..home.. RIGHT NOW!”

I SOOO want to see that!!!


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