Oh What a difference a day makes…I know this is getting to be a habit with me, but…WOW!  In the very first week, we have had TWO major fights on the live feeds, (3-4 actually), a Backdoor, and NOW a complete house turnaround in a 24 hr period. 

The thing I love about this the most, is that precious, befuddled, little Jordan has  pulled this out of her hat to save her friend and teammate.  If you had asked me if this could be possible 24 hrs ago, I  would have said no way, no how.  Jordan may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but she really came through in bringing the rest of the gang over to her side as well as just being a cutie-pie.

Last night, I really gained a lot of respect for Laura.  The way she stood up to Jessie and Natalie did my heart proud! 

Obviously, we have a very, very weak link in this chain….His name is Ronnie.  I feel sorry for Ronnie. I don’t care how smart you are (or at least how smart you THINK you are) a lifetime of cowering in front of guys bigger than you is a hard habit to break.  He is acting like he really IS still in high school, and Russell will punch him in the mouth and give him a swirlie if he goes against him.. It is very pathetic, and i hope he mans up enough to go through with this.

I know I mentioned this before, but the more I think about the way things are shaping up for this eviction, it reminds me of a typical John Hughes movie… The Breakfast Club II-the BB House, or Sixteen Candles-Big Brother Style.

You have your hunky good guy(Jeff), a little of an outsider who the football goons (Jess/Russ) and their snooty (Natalie) and slutty (Lydia) girlfriends  push around and snub.  Our hero has to save his goofy, smart alek best buddy (Braden) from getting the sh*t kicked out of him after the big game.  Also our hero has just about had it with the goons picking on the little guys.  With the plucky cute new girl (Jordan), they set out to save the day.  We have the nerd (Ron)who is so afraid of the bully he pathetically gives him his lunch money every day.   The nice girl with the big boobs (Laura), who has to put a brave face on when the bullies harass her.  And the brainy band geek with glasses who always has to do the bullies homework (Mich).  She pulls in her sympathetic band teacher (Casey) who mentors our hero and adds his support to the group!  Our heroes set out to face and conquer the bullies and their cronies once and for all! 

I sure hope we get a storybook ending on this one, guys..


PS:  I also hope LIEdia has NO idea this is coming.. I hope it hits her out of pure thin air, and she realizes just what she has done.. I can hardly look at her, the way Jessie fawns over Nat and barely gives her the time of day.  When he does, she is so grateful she practically pants and wags her tail..

I just can barely contain myself, waiting for 7PM (CENTRAL)!  Watching the live feeds immediately after the HOH competition is one of the best parts of the whole BB experience! We wait MADLY for Thurs nights.. ESpecially if it is an endurance contest!  I cannot IMAGINE not having LIVE FEEDS to keep watching endurance comps to see who wins.. TOO FUN!!

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