Well,  fellow fan-addicts!! This agonizing wait is almost over.. I don’t know what it is like at your house duing BB season, but sometimes, we get to wrapped up, we forget to eat!!!  And i am a girl who hasn’t missed a lot of meals!  This whole “mystery guest” think has whipped us up into a frenzy like i have not seen in the last few seasons.. Once we get this big secret thing out in the open and behind us.. {Whew.. Deep Sigh}  then we can begin really learning who the new HG’s are.

It is strange when you think about it. By the end of this, we will  feel like we know all these people intimately!  And they won’t know me, or most any of us from a hill of beans.. If I  met one, especially one that i had felt particularly close to, or related to,  and they were very distant or cold to me.. I think that would weird me out and hurt my feelings!!!

I have a feeling the mystery guest might be someone I was not crazy about and who was called “pin-head” around my house.  As for as the HG’s, i have my eye on Michele.   That sweet little angel face is hiding a pretty big brain, and she is probably a lot more conniving than she looks.  As long as she is not as sweet as she looks, and doesn’t get eaten alive by some of the other tougher chicks.. As far as the guys go.. just on first impressions, I have to say that I like Ronnie.. You know, oddly enough, when I was in high school, I would have been considered one of the :populars”  however,  I seem to be (so far)  just digging the brains!!

Anyway… I am ready to ) check out of everyday normal existence (for the most part) for three months, and eat, drink,  sleep Big Brother!  How about ya’ll???

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