Hey ya’ll!  This is all just speculation,  because until we have the POV, we really won’t know exactly what will happen. I am sure we all will be waiting for the trivia to come and go on the BIG BROTHER LIVE FEEDS Here is what I am thinking, though. 

What to do about Russell?? There are two sides to the equation.  The first one is that Russ has stated from the beginning that he will backstab whoever he needs to, do what he has to to win this game.  He is very physical and is good in competitions.  That would make it seem that it is a good time to get rid of him if the opportunity arises with POV.

I am coming down formally on the other side. however.  Russell, I believe, has a HUGE dude crush on Jeff.  Jeff complains that Russ stares at him all the time.  Remember, Russ is almost ten years younger than Jeff. I think that Russ really, really admires Jeff. I think he likes who Jeff is as a person, and wants to be more like him.   If you will notice,  Russ has majorly tempered his attitude, and is behaving much more like Jeff.  Russ HAS proved by his actions that when he gives his word..he means it, i.e. the Casey vote, the endurance HOH deal, and even the Jessie vote.  Russ swore on his “pops” and gave Jeff his word that he would never put him up before the F4. I believe him..

The only thing that worries me is not Russ, but Jeff and Jordan’s treatment of him.  They have really been blowing Russ (and Mich to a degree) off.. I worry  that this really is hurting his feelings, and that he could use this as a reason to go against them.  Also, they have been spending a lot of  time hanging out with Kevin and Natalie.  Man, it bugs the bejeezus out of me when Jordan appears to be buying exactly what Nat is selling.. Ralf!  Jeff is more reserved when it comes to those two, and even told them he was putting them up because they had been against him the whole game, whereas Russ was on his side.  K/N tried and tried to get Jeff to put Russ up.  At least at this time, they were DENIED! 

I believe J/J’s plan as of right now is to let the god of veto decide.  IF Russ wins the POV (and I for one REALLY hope he does) then they will take out Kevin.  That is aggravating because we all know what a LIAR Nat is, but she does suck at  comps so it is understandable, although it totally chaps my a$s!  IF N/K win POV, that will be their cue to use it, put Russ up, if Michelle gets it, that is a wild card.  If J/J want her to use it, I don’t really know WHAT she wil do.. What do you guys think??  Because, if he goes up, he goes out..

We’ll see, and will let you know POV results asap.. Fingers crossed!

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