Hey ya’ll..  OK, I have crawled out from under my bed, shaken off the dust bunnies, finished licking my wounds (and since you know where I got hurt, you KNOW I meant that licking- metaphorically!-LOL)  OK.. So I am back from my wallow, and am ready to finish this season out.. You know what revived me???  It was the whole change up they are doing with the finale!—-I’m BACK, BABY!!! COME ON, GUYS!! COME BACK WITH ME!!!

 I was raised since I could talk to love the Arkansas Razorbacks.. Sure.. we have losing seasons sometimes, and we get down.. But you never stop loving you team.. I will never lose my love of Big Brother, and with the changes they have now made to the schedule for the rest of this week, I am pretty sure they love us too!

I LOVE THIS!!  This is HISTORY in the making.. Ten years and eleven seasons.. To make a change this big meant that BB and CBS heard our voices about how upset we were at the way this whole season had turned out. I truly believe they did everything they could within the bounds of the game to convinceKev to keep Michelle so they could in turn get out Gnasty. Do not doubt it, Production KNOWS how we feel about Gnasty, and I believe that to throw us a bone, they have decided to really mix it up for us.

This is going to be really fun to watch tonight.   Janelle, Boogie, Danielle R. and Evel Dick all on stage with Julie!  HOW FUN!  And since I know for a FACT that most if not all of these HG’s DESPISE  Gnat, it is going to be interesting to see how they react.  Will the notoriously outspoken Dick  tell his true thoughts?  He is actually pretty disgusted with who is left in F3 altogether.   They will play  Part II tonight LIVE!!  THEN all three will have to stay in the house until FNALE night on Tues..  So far, they have not told the HG’s the plan, it is especially hilarious to watch the oh so confident Gnat go slowly crazy trying to figure out what is happening!  Gnat will not let Kevin get out of her sight, even telling his last night.. “You go to bed when I go to bed”.

BB installed a skee-ball-type-thingee in the backyard last night for the HG’s to practice with.  An inclined board with two holes and two balls.  The object to get the balls in the holes without touching the sides.   Our little Jordo had some skills in it I am happy to report!  Nat was seething that it seems the comp will be one of the “Anyone can Win” games instead of one of brains…  She is VERY upset that she threw the first comp to Kev now… I…Love.. It..

So, now we get to enjoy a fun-filled evening of awesome previous HG’s, and a live comp with NO EVICTION…

Guys, I still hold out some hope that our little Jordan can pull this out tonight and it will be GNASTY who has to sweat all weekend! 


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