There IS justice in the world!  Last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds (I TOLD you guys to keep watching, that even when your team is down, you ALWAYS keep watching, because things always turn-LOL), Ronnie was FINALLY outed as the cockroach he is.. Now, I don’t HATE Ronnie.  My Mama taught me never to hate anyone, and I kind of feel like Casey said he felt..”He got got”.. I was pro Ronnie in the beginning like a lot of us.  I ALWAYS tend to root for the underdog, and that was what I thought Ronnie was..


He had some really good strategies, but I believe he was SOO obsessed with them, that he could not turn it off even if he wanted to.  Sounds almost like an addiction. They discussed that last night.  Now ronnie is right back where he probably was in high school, and that is a shame.  He has no one to blame but himself… 

Now, Jessie was already backpedaling about the whole get Ronnie out, and  “throw the HOH/POV” thing after the other HG’s went to bed.  He still wants to use Ronnie.  This MAY be JEssie’s downfall.  This love fest between all the HG’s won’t last long.  There is too much dislike between some of them, and hey.. Who wants a love fest the whole season?? 

I really hate that my girls Laura or Jordan are going to pay the price for all of this, when Laura was the first one to put it all together, and Jordan the first one to tell him to step off!.. ….Hate It!!!  :(

I do hope they can all hold it together long enough to get this little vermin out of the house, and then they can go on hating each other for genuine reasons instead of made up lies..

 If you still haven’t made up your mind about getting the Big Brother LIVE FEEDS  this night should decide that!  WOW!! That was a major, game changing moment, and if you were sleeping, you can watch it on flashback..  SOOO COOL! 

PS–I think it is only a matter of time before Lydia and NAt have it OUT!!  Russ told Jeff/Jor that it was coming, because Lyd slept with Jess.  Russ says that when  NAt finds out… BAMM!!! Can’t WAIT for THAT bloodletting!  Who do you think comes out on top on that battle????

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