Hey ya’ll..I hadn’t blogged in a while because I felt like we were at the stage of the game when everything had pretty much been decided, no twists were going to happen last week, and the only thing really happening in the house and on the boards seemed to be all the showmance talk, and I was so done with that..

So, I had pinned all my hopes on last night, and couldn’t wait to start talking about “what happens now that Michelle won HOH“…………………………{crickets}………….Uh.. nope…….denied……………..  So I went to bed thinking “I am going to go on the blog tomorrow and just type the words…I can’t even talk about it….” 

BUT! I woke up this morning feeling a lot better about it, and then I read Killer’s blog and I am now 100% ready to SLUG out this last few days… LETS RUMBLE!!

I was totally disappointed when Nat won HOH. I have been saying since the first week that I could not WAIT for someone to wipe that smug grin off her face.. NOW I KNOWwhy this has not happened week after week after week.  Big Brother Destiny was waiting until our girl Michelle could wipe it off in the cruelest way possible…..  GOING OUT THIRD!!! (and my third, of course I mean not making F2).  I feel this in my gut… You guys remember a LOOONNGG time ago, I told you that I totally believe that my Mom has psychic ability?  She will know who is on the phone before she answers it (and NO I am NOT talking about caller ID-lol) , know someone is feeling down and will call them out of the blue.. things like that.  I have always felt that I got a little bit of that from her, BECAUSE.. and I told Hubby this last night..  All day yesterday, when I tried to imagine the end of that HOH comp, I saw Nat and Kevin jumping up and hugging in my head… I TRIED to see Michelle and Jordan jumping up, but it would not come… So.. draw your own conclusions.. BUT.. the GOOD NEWS is that when I see F2.. I do NOT see Nat there……YAY!

I know that Killer mentioned a Jordan/Mich F2, and that would not completely break my heart, but that is not what I really want.   I am (and have been) ready for Jordan to go. Lord love her, she is just as cute as she can be, and very sweet and simple (except when she was trashing her ally Michelle and TOTALLY throwing her under the bus- I haven’t forgot that)  but I think her time is coming to an end.   She just doesn’t have that animal instinct needed to keep going this late in the game without someone telling her how to play things.. AND every one of the others KNOW they cannot take her to F2..  So, since Nat can’t go this week (sigh, teardrop falling), I just think Jordan needs to go.

I said a good while back that I am for a Michelle/Kevin F2.  I will talk on another blog (this one is getting too long) giving out the specific reasons why this needs to happen, so that Michelle will win. I have felt that, for a while, these two knew it would come down to this and have been paving the way to work together on it. 

 For now.. everyone who is “butt-hurt” (BB slang-LOL) about Nat winning last night.. Buck UP!! We are gonna be OK.. and like Killer stated in his blog, if all these Johnny-come-lately Natalie supporters start to come forward, we will know why… I am just going to be very suspect of anyone who could actually ADMIRE any of the qualities this creature possesses. 

Talk to ya’ll later! :)

PS- I am going to give some thought to what the “twist” could possibly mean, haven’t processed that yet..

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