OK, I just want to tell you that I got up at 3 am this morning, because I could not stand to wait any more to watch BBAD.  I had to go to work, so couldn’t stay up for it, since here it airs from 12-3am, and the feeds wouldn’t come on until after midnight.. So.. up before the roosters even think of waking..

The thing that is really hard for me… and please tell me how you feel about it.. is the CATCHING UP part of it!  They have been there for 5 days, SO many things have happened, so many lines drawn, so many little moments that we will never see.. So now, we have to untangle it all from comments, who is hanging around with whom, little dirty looks..All those are pieces of a puzzle that we now have to put together to see where everyone is standing (at least for today).

Watching the feeds and BBAD this am, I was a little disappointed at Lydia’s reaction after her nomination.. I am really fairly ambivalent towards Chima at this point, so whatever on her.. but I really had hopes for Lydia.  She didn’t seem like the type who would get all weepy and needy.  She is really leaning on Russell and Jesse in a BIG way  and propositioning Natalie very graphically!  ( and BTW so far I am NOT digging Nat—PLUS apparently she is STILL lying about her age!!)  Those people are the only ones I really kind of get so far.. All the others are still enigmas.. What do you guys think????

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