Hey ya’ll!  Well, THAT was the most fun show we have seen in a while!  After three shows in a row with our faves getting cut out one right after the other, we FINALLY have a show with surprises and fun!  After showing the results of the first part of the HOH comp, with Gnat falling in favor of Kevin, after Jordan slipped, we get a LIVE part two!  I loved the part of the show with the former HG’s (ED, Janelle, Danielle and Boogie).  You can tell they were holding back on their true feelings and wanted to really rip into the F3 a lot more than they were allowed.  However, it was quite clear that all of them were somewhat disdainful of the three left. 

When Julie announced the way the final part of the competition would play out, the looks of dismay on Kev and Gnat’s faces were priceless. Each of them expected to easily finish out the night, evict Jordan, and have a nice, quiet last few days. NOPE>>>  New plan, people.  I wonder if they changd the setup because SOO many people claimed they would quit watching if Gnat and Kevin ended up in F2?  There are many possible reasons, but I love it.. this should be a most exciting ending…

Now, on to Part TWO!  Ya’ll, Jordan SMOKED Gnat in that comp.  Gnat got totally bumfuzzled and confused in that comp.  She can claim to Julie all day long that she “knows everything” in the house, and it was only the luck of the way the balls fell into the holes that messed up her game, but we all know Gnat got blanked on the fourth HOH person.  She stood there a long minute, and had NO IDEA who was fourth!  Jordo comes on, and methodically sent the balls up and out.. The BEST part of the whole show to me, was hearing the audience clapping when she clinched the comp. THAT was awesome!  I imagine she could hear it, and it had to give her heart. 

Now, of course, Natalie will spend the rest of the time sulled up because her and KEv’s plans have had to change.  They never dreamed that Jordan would win that comp.  Now, we have to HOPE, HOPE, HOPE that Diary Room Kevin is the real Kevin and he is actually planning to do what he claims, and be our BB HERO of the season!  TAKE OUT NATALIE THIRD!!  WHAT A BEAUTIFUL moment that will be when Gnat has to walk over to join the jury on Finale Night!!!

Yes, folks, and Angels are Singing!

But the best was yet to come… PART THREE of the HOH!  Whodathunk it???

WOW! I should have checked this better before I sent it.. Sorry..  it WAS 5am.. lol  I totally cut off the last part of my blog.  I wanted to break down possible vote scenarios.

OK.. If it is:

Jordan :   Jeff, Michelle, America Nat deciding vote

Kevin:  Jessie, Lydia, Russell     Nat deciding vote


Jordan:  Jeff, Michelle, America, and Lydia, Kevin (Depending on who put him out, but I still think he would go with Jordon)

Gnat:  Jessie, Russell


Kevin:  This one is easy!  KEvin wins in a 7-0 Blowout!  I think even Jeff will vote Kevin once he realizes what a liar Gnat has been all along.. And that she never did anything but ride coattails. 

Gnat:   GOOSE EGG!


But even though I love Jordan to death, I would rather risk her getting second place, JUST to make sure that the Gnat does not get a DIME of BB money.. GNAT for THIRD!  That would be the BEST BB SHOW EVER!!!  And ya’ll… unbelievably.. it could actually happen! YAY!

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