Boy, I have been waiting for this for a long time!  I think the problem is that Jeff is an honest,honorable,  upstanding, decent (and extremely HOT) guy.  He just could not believe that people would go against their word and not take Ronnie out.  The problem is.. that this is Big Brother, where being honorable will most likely get you put out.  I hope and pray that this will not be the case.  Honestly, I believe that most of us are continuing to watch only in the hopes that Jeff/Jordan/Casey hang in there and FINALLY get some power to do good rather than evil.  I said from day one this was going to be a case of good vs. evil this year, instead of one side manipulating the other. 

Now that Jeff has realized that Jessie is saving Ronnie the cockroach and putting up Casey (most likely), I think it finally opened his eyes.  NOW what he has to do is gather some numbers to his side.  Last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds J/J/ Lyd and Kevin made a pact to not put each other up and to watch out for each other.  Now, I like that they made the pact with Kevin. I have been pulling for them to pull Kevin over to their side for a long time.

I think that Kevin is an honorable person, and that he just got pulled into the evil side by osmosis.  Now, maybe he can side with J/J and help protect himself as well. He knows that he is just an expendable person to the other side. Now Lydia, I don’t trust for a sec.  But, once the big showdown with Natalie comes, and Jessie sides with Nat.. I think the whole truth about their dirty little secret will come out and I hope she pulls no punches. She already told Kevin that he was not all he had professed to be in the bedroom. LOL

So, we are probably going to lose Casey.. I sure hate that..

Now, it is going to come down to the next HOH.  I HOPE that if Jeff wins, they decide to disband the cliques! That would be perfect timing.  If I were him, I would put up Jessie and Natalie. That way if either one wins veto, he could put Ronnie up as replacement. In the meantime, Jessie and Natalie would have to pit against each other..

I will be watching the live feeds as much as possible.. I know it can be kind of painful when Jessie opens his idiotic mouth, but Hey.. JEFF AND JORDAN KISSED LAST NIGHT!!  I am hoping for a repeat, and mainly I want to see JEFF begin to really STEP IT UP!!!

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