Hi ya’ll!  So I’ve been watching the LIVE FEEDS, and BBAD, and let me ask you.. Where the heck is Jordan??  The only time lately I have seen much of her she was upstairs talking to the HOH crew. 

    Now, do NOT get me wrong, I do not think for one second that she would betray Jeff. I believe that there is actual true feeling developing between these two.. And by the way.. for all of the people who do not like J/J for some unknown reason..and have been telling tales out of school…  they have NOT had sex. They have kissed a few times, and maybe a tiny bit of fooling around, but they have NOT done anything else.. Hello.. we see them 24/7, and BELIEVE me, if BB thinks there is J/J action going on, the cameras will be  ZOOMING!! lol.

Anyway, I am just a little bit afraid of what Jordan’s reaction will be when Jeff uses the power.  I personally believe that she really  has no clue that he has it.  I think she will be SUPER shocked.  I hope that Jeff has a heart to heart with her (probably Thurs. so that she has less chance of slipping) about the POSSIBILITY of Russell staying and “what if Jessie and Nat were miraculously on the block”, etc…  I think he is going to have to spell it out within the confines of the rules.  I think that Michelle and Russell (and Jessie) already know it in their hearts, and have figured what his plans are.  That explains Russ sticking to JEff like white on rice  and Michelle chatting up Jeff out whenever she is not up Chima’s you-know-what.  Our Shell is always covering her back..( PS I hate the way they all talk about her mental stability.. makes me sad..)

So.. I guess my worries are that Jordan will be SO thrown off by the fact that he had it and she never had a clue, and he saved Russell who she does not really like, etc. that it could rock their relationship a bit.  Chima has gotten into her head.  I hope as soon as this week is over and Jeff can breath a little easier (with HOH-fingers crossed!), he can do a little Chimaectomy and excise her and Nat out of Jordans sweet little head..Then again, she might jump up and say “That is MY big strong man in CHARGE!!”  LOL 

He could maybe use Michelle’s help with that.  One thing that ALWAYS bugs me… I think that when Mich committed to Jeff, she did it body and soul, and he was like…um, thanks??  I believe that Michelle would go down in flames of glory with Jeff if he ever once said to her “I am so glad you are in our alliance, and we will always stick together, etc..”  I think she would be his for life as an ally.  She has stated to HOH crew numerous times that she will never put up Jeff or Jordan and they talk to her about  “her side of the house”.  I THINK she just got an undeserved reputation from Ronnie and Russ and so Jeff is still being cautious.   Still, I think that after this is over, that Michelle will “Stand by her Man” as well..

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