Editor’s Note: This post is based on speculation. A rumor is spreading that someone, possibly Ronnie’s wife, is pursuing less than honorable methods to win the Coup D’Etat. Until any confirmation to the identities of those involved is provided this rumor remains to be just that, a rumor.

Ok, sorry to double blog, but I was so disturbed by what I read on another post that I had to share. Here is the post with the website containing the cheating info!

I read this, and was  so disturbed by it.  Surely CBS would be expecting something like this and will be able to detect and block it!!  Anyone who would go to this extremely despicable act of cheating is worthy of nothing but our pity and distaste.

OK~~~ Here it is. Ronnie’s wife may be trying to cheat and fix the vote!! http://spoiledmom.blogspot.com/2009/08/cyber-bully-ronnie-talbots-wife.html Go there and read it….you will be shocked(maybe not, considering the fact that she’s Ronnie’s wife) at how far some people will go

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