Hey ya’ll,  Well, here we are.. First I want to tell ya that I will NOT be going into the Tarot Card Reading business.. Quite obviously my psychic abilities fell short…LOL.. So for everyone who believed in them, sorry…

Once I saw that Kevin won the veto, I had an epiphany.. This is a REALITY show.. In REALITY, evil does sometimes win.  This is not a movie, where we inevitably have a happy ending.  Unfortunately we are NOT going to see that this time.  I,  like a lot of you , take this game so personally that when our favorite in nominally finished, I get upset.  But in truth, it is not even that my fave (Michelle)is going to be evicted.   This is a matter of not being able to accept that evil will win out!  I have watched this show since season 1.  I have watched BBAD since it’s inception on Season 8, and the feeds since season 9.  I have always rooted for “good” people.  In Season 8, when Evel Dick won, though, I was HAPPY!! BEcause, even though ED did some nasty things, he did them with GOOD intentions.  Most of the nasty things he did was not for himself, but to save his daughter.  There was REASON behind his bad deeds.   As for Dr. Will, he may have lied and deceived, but he was honest about his dishonesty.  He told the HG’s from the day he walked in (including All-Stars) that he WOULD lie. 

What we have THIS season, however, is evil for evil’s sake.  So many of the things that Nat (primarily) and Kevin did had no strategic value but were simply done for nastiness.  Since there is very little to be done a this point but piss and moan, and am just gonna be honest here and tell you that I am going to be a big baby and whine and bitch about how this has turned out.. I HATE IT!!!  I cannot STAND this.. HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN???  Two people who have done absolutely NOTHING in this game but hide behind stronger player for the majority of the game, then make up malicious lies to turn people against each other. 

Now, to give the devil his due… I will say, that I blame all the other HG’s even more than I do N/K.  I said a long time ago that Michelle was the only oe who “saw” Nat.  The problem is that no one else would listen to her.  Had they listened to her back when Nat and Lydia were on the block, and they had taken Nat out instead, we might not be sitting here watching this fiasco.  Now you can say “what  if” Michelle had never talked that smack about Russ, maybe Jeff and Jordan wouldn’t have turned against him, BUT that was BEFORE the BY blowout.  In any case, all that is ancient history, and I guess we have to accept the inevitable.

I will tell you, I will never say “I will never watch again” Of COURSE I will watch Big Brother as long as it is aired.  But I personally cannot stand to watch torture.  Nat and Kevin have declared that they are going to torture Michelle and Jordan the rest of their time in the house.  To me, that is just par for the course for these two.  They cannot be gracious in victory, even.  So, I will watch the CBS show, so that I can at least see Nat lose that $500,000.  I do NOT believe that there is ANY way that Nat will win this.  I have been wondering what her strategy will be for F2?  I have putting this out of my mind for a while because I didn’t want to bring bad luck down that she will be there.  But now that the worst has happened, and we know that Michelle will go next, and poor little Jordan is most likely to go out third, I wonder how Nat will plead her case.  If she claims that she played the game fair and square and was honorable, and honest with her (and I can hardly type this) INTEGRITY intact, everyone in the house will call her out… I am SOO glad that Jessie outed her on the 18 lie.  That sprouts doubt in everyone’s mind about her honesty.  Also, once Mich gets in the house, I hope they listen to her (doubtfully) that Nat has lied about EVERYTHING.. This way, when she calls out how honest and above board she is, everyone else will say “Yeah, Right”  I hope Michelle asks her to admit to the “Green Room” lie and tells her if she tells the truth about some of her lies she will vote for her(and then doesn’t).  IF she decides to tell all her lies, and explains how she manipulated every vote, and that was her strategy all along, she could have a chance.  I do hope this does not happen.   I want to see her squirm, I want to see her get outed in the worst way, and I want to see her LOSE.

I am no Kevin fan by any means, (I used to be until he fell in with Beelzebub) but in the battle for the lesser of two evils, I think it is a clear choice.  Kev is, I believe, a much more decent person at heart.  I think getting only 50 grand will cause Nat to be the BIGGEST LOSER, and here’s why.  Would you sell your soul for 50 grand?  Nat mentioned that she couldn’t wait to walk through the airport with her BB Bag so people would recognize her.  Well, Nat, most of us, instead of cheering for you, or asking for your autograph, would rather spit on you, or give you the forked hand sign against evil.  I would cross the street if I saw you coming.  I wish you good luck with your blood money, because sister, you are going to need it.

So, the rest of this season, for me, is kind of like taking nasty  medicine. You know you have to take it, but by GOD it sticks in your craw…

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