Hey guys, I am SOO glad the voting is over. As long as everything was done on the up and up at CBS, hopefully, the vote went overwhelmingly to our Jeff. I cannot WAIT to see what he will do with it. It will all depend on who wins HOH next week.  My fave scenario would be for Chima to win HOH, but more about that later.

Oh, early this morning, on the BIG BROTHER LIVE FEEDS Ronnie was begging, pleading, doing everything but dancing like a little monkey to try to turn Jeff and Jordan for their vote.. It was SOO funny!  Those two would NEVER, EVER vote to keep him.. Too little, WAY too late, chump..

The issue we Jeff lovers have is this.. In the magazine, US WEEKLY, there is a small article berating Big Brother for censoring some of the comments made around and during Braden’s exit.  The article states that Jeff (adding his last name, as well) called another HG, Russell,  a f**kin’ f***ot…..  This was, of course because of the unprovoked verbal attack on him, and he spoke out in anger. He also apologized profusely for saying those words..  Of course the article did not state this, or that the person he used the words on was not even gay, they only smeared Jeff.  IT made him look bad not only in the house, but also in his outside life.

I am going to write a letter protesting this to   the email address  letters@usweekly.com  or website contact info is http://www.usmagazine.com/contact-us  . This is SOOOO wrong!!!  Of all the terrible, horrible things that people have said and done in this house, for this to single out the nicest,  most decent person in the house for something like this is beyond reprehensible!!!  They were telling people that CBS didn’t want you to know the truth, so they censored it, but that the live feed viewers knew what the real deal was.. YES WE DO!!! and you could not be any more wrong US WEEKLY!!

So if you want to join me, please send all your emails to them on how they have smeared the wrong guy!!!


On another note, all of you with access to the live feeds today, keep us posted on Jeff and Ronnie’s attitudes today.  I don’t think i can STAND to wait until they make the actual announcement tomorrow night!  Does anyone remember, when  they show the results, will they show the winner in DR, and will it be Julie who tells them??

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