I love your blog, Killer!  I agree completely.  The arrogance of these people is just astounding, when you consider the fact that the ONLY thing they have won are 2 HOH competitions.  That is all.. and they have already decided that fate of everyone in the whole house.  When Jessie starts spouting out that round-about babble that he does, I actually throw up in  my mouth a little. (YEs the gag factor is that serious).  All it takes to turn it is ONE HOH!!!

  OH!! and did anyone see Ronnie watching JEssie and Russell doing pullups on the stairs with openmouth adoration??  JEEZ!  That was one of the sickest things I have ever seen. Honestly, at first I thought, ok, maybe ronnie is a really crafty dude, even though i was sickened by him. But now I know, he is like that little puppy on the cartoon that goes along following  the big dog saying “Do you like me George? Are you my friend George??”   It is truly a pitiful thing to watch..

Also, like Killer said.. Michelle…WHY the HECK did she go running up and rat them out like that.  That actually did not end up falling on Jeff/Jor, it fell on Kevin.  Maybe that was her plan, to put another body between her and the door, I don’t know.  All she accomplished was now everyone thinks she is a female Ronnie.  (ouch) Also, she keeps telling the meathead gang she has beef with Jeff.  Does anyone know what that is all about????  She will flip just as soon as the other side wins, though. 

As much as I cannot stand Lydia, she is sailing through this pretty well, when she is the one telling the tales. Everyone is keeping her name out except Chima and Nat.  Jessie does not want Nat going after Lydia, because if it gets too hot, she will spill the beans about the sex and Nat will FLIP!!!  Jessie cannot have that..

I love JOrdan, and i adore her for saying last night “I am not the brightest crayon in the box.”  ISn’t THAT a pretty bright comment? She is doing something right because,  hey, she is no longer a target, everyone likes her, even though she has lead two rallies for votes.  She is NOT as dumb as she is making out to be, and it is working for her…  I really like watching her and Jeff develop their relationship.  It is like RO-MANCE (J/J) vs HO-MANCE (Jess and Lydia).  But… I will not be completely devastated if Casey is picked to stay (unlikely).  He is a more powerful ally for Jeff, IF he stays true. One thing about Jordan, she would stay 100% true to Jeff. what a breath of fresh air and a relief that must be for someone in that house. So, for most of us we just have to endure this eviction, then get ready to send our good wishes to JEFF!

This is do or die for JEFF.  You KNOW they are going to break the cliques! I mean it is possible they are going to re-organize, and MAN that would be so cool!  Still, won’t change the alliances much. I have said before, it would  be awesome if it was like Survivor…pick a new buff.. then everything changes.. but probably not.  So.. when they break the cliques, our Jeff is a dead man walking.  Jessie is SOO terrified of Jeff because he is the only person in the house who sees through Jessie, and has absolutely no fear of him. So all of Jessie’s little sycophants all have it in for Jeff by extension.  So any one of that little pin head group is going to put Jeff up.  The only one that I can think of that might not is MAYBE Kevin or Lydia, although they have both said they would put him up. 

So this means that Jeff HAS to win HOH. ESPECIALLY if they break the cliques!  At least he is aware of it now, and i do not see him dropping out of the upcoming endurance competition for ANYTHING!  THIS is where the LIVE FEEDS come in the most handy!  You can watch the whole endurance competition on the BIG BROTHER LIVE FEEDS !  THAT IS awesome!    

Fingers crossed, we can cross off this first abysmal three weeks, and get someone in the HOH house who we can root for!  PLUS just for all us BB junkies, with Jeff in the HOH (or even Jordan) we can have some nice strategy debates on here!! 



But hey, she is no longer a target, everyone likes her, she has lead two rallies for votes.  She is NOT as dumb as she is making out, and it is working for her… for me.. she and Jeff are the only NICE people in the whole house. There is a lot to be said for NICE in this world.. And the BB House is kind of like the world in miniature sometimes.  HAving said that,

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