Hey ya’ll.  Now, I am a mother of two teenage boys, and even though I am not a fan of the superhero movies myself, I, of course have seen almost all of them.  My oldest is a particular fan of Spiderman. 

Before you start slamming me for comparing Jeff to a superhero, I am not talking about your “save the world” type superhero.  But.. if there ever has been a BB superhero, I think we have to give that title to Jeff.. at least up till the present week.  He has been a hero to the downtrodden.  Kicked around in the first few weeks of the show, everyone who was down always turned to him. He did the best he could to protect the weak and fought against the powers of evil.  When he used his “superpower” to defeat the evil lord Jessie, we all stood up and cheered.  Don’t lie.. you know you did..

But now..Remember in Spiderman 3 when that oily black goop fell all over him and turned him evil??? Does this scenario sound familiar to anyone?/  I believe that the Natalie goop has encapsulated him and turned him into Venom-Lite.  It has blinded him to what has always been his most endearing factor to us.. honor.  Up until this week, Jeff played this game with total honor.  I think he has two weak links.  This venom that Nat and Kevin have infected him with.. and… (and some of you are not going to like this)…….. Jordan.

For most of the game, I thought they were a darling couple. I have no doubt that they like each other, but guys, Jordan is messing real bad with Jeff’s emotions and reasoning.  He is not thinking straight, and I think she has a lot to do with it. It was Jordan who  bought Nat’s evil goop  and smeared it on our fallen superhero. 

I have one hope, and here it is… Jeff does put Russ up, taking Kev down.  But then we still have THREE DAYS for the lies to be discovered.  Mich has gotten close on the age one a time or two and I get SOO frustrated when they mention discrepancies then just let it go. I think if the age thing comes out then maybe all of it can get revealed.. Then possibly we can see that little creepy liar go as a blindside on Thursday!  THAT WOULD BE GREAT TV!!!  Long shot, I know.. I think we  may not get to keep Russ, and I hate that!  I think Russ would have been true until F4 and I do NOT, NOT, NOT like the way J/J are treating him or Michelle.  I never thought I would have to say this, but the power has gone to their heads (Jordan more than Jeff). 

I am rooting for Michelle so much right now, I think she is mostly trying to hold their F4 together, even though she kind of bashes Russ now and again, but Jordan is being downright RUDE!  Think I am done with her completely.. What do you guys think??

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