Hip Hip Hoorrrraaayyyyyy!!!!!  That was the most beautiful moment that I believe I have ever seen in all the years I have watched Big Brother .. I have watched this show since season one.  When Jeff stood up with that sexy grin on his face, and made the biggest game changing moment of that game, everyone in my family stood up and cheered!  Beautiful!!

Now  I HATE that we didn’t get to see the aftermath of what happened right after the HOH comp, but according to the BIG BROTHER LIVE FEEDS Chima, Nat and Lydia went to the DR and threatened to quit the game.  To appease these stupid, stupid players, BB gave them some “beauty products”.  OK???  Watching BBAD on DVR this morning, I saw the most pathetic display I have ever seen. Chima, Nat, Lydia and Kevin sitting around the table BAWLING about Jessie’s death…. OOPS, I mean eviction.. I mean it, I am not even kidding.. These girls (and I say girls because these are NOT women) are MOURNING Jessie like he is DEAD!!!!!  The funny thing to me, is that Jeff SAVED Lydia, yet she went to Jordan and gave her her “forgiveness” for what Jeff did to her… Umm.. OK, let’s think about that, Jessie put you up TWICE, Jeff SAVED you, and you blame JEFF….????  I want you guys to know that Chima ACTUALLY made this statement…CHIMA: “Russell is the terrorist, and I am the TWIN TOWERS”  YEs ya’ll, she said that.  Also this LYDIA:”Jordan is just a ho following her pimp around, and Jeff just wants to have the HOH bed so that he can f*ck her,”  CHIMA:”Who got the Aqua Net hairspray? that  is WHITE TRASH?? Of course… Jordans.” Then that maniacal laugh.  Is THAT not racist???It is the most ludicrous thing and have EVER seen on Big Brother and I am not going to tell you any more because it completely makes my stomach hurt.

Michelle winning HOH was super! I know people may be a little worried, but DONT BE.. I have said from the day that Michelle came outside and told Jeff that she had made a decision to ally with him that no matter what went on before, that she WAS with Jeff 100%.  I have no worries on that score.  Michelle is very solid, and she does not  like the C/L/N’s actions after the HOH comp.

Jeff was right.. Losing shows people’s true colors.When they lost one member of their alliance after another, they (J/J/M) acted with dignity and class.   Jeff even said that it made him sad that Chima is a person who is so filled with hate…The other side dumped people’s clothes, threw stuff in people’s beds, took away all the blankets in the HN room so Jeff would only have one pillow and one blanket, and even hid Russell’s ROSARY, called Jordan a whore, etc…TRUE COLORS???

Oh, and I have to give it to my husband.. He said all along that once Jessie was evicted, that Natalie and Lydia would bond to revenge their man… I never believed that.  Sorry honey..You were right… Pathetic..

FYI:  On the LIVE FEEDS right now, 8:21 am, Jeff is curled up in the Have Not  Room with one blanket and NO pillow asleep.  Poor darling! I SOOO hope he doesn’t lose the Have not today.  You can still sign up for the FEEDS HERE and see the rest of this awesome season!

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