Hey ya’ll!  Ok who wants to go with me to the BB house, storm up to the HOH room, and just smack Jeff and Jordan around a little bit for getting so dadgum paranoid??  Sign up here, and we’ll meet at the front door.. CRAP!  The four of them has/had such a good thing going.. Then lo and behold.. of all people in the house.. NATALIE throws another one of her lies in the mix, and now…. doubt, deceit, rumblings and suspicion..

 The only funny side to all this, is that it is not going to help her this week, unless she wins POV.  On the LIVE FEEDS yesterday and last night,  I think that no matter how much J/J are doubting Mich and Russ, they WILL stick to the plan to oust Nat.. Also, the strange thing is, that it wasn’t ACTUALLY a total and complete lie.  Russell HAS been saying F2 to Mich, and who could blame him?? Everyone else is paired up, he has to have someone, right??

I am feeling sorry for Russ at this point.  I honestly believe that once he gave Jeff his word, that was IT in his eyes until after F4..  That goes will all of them, really. It is us against them until F4.. Then….

This would all have been squashed a LONG time ago if Michelle, (who, as you know, I was SOO proud of and saying what a rocking chick she was), MICHELLE started doing her little uh, I don’t remember that, and maybe that got said, i don’t know, BS.  Then, I think she saw a window of opportunity fora lock for  F3 with J/J, with a side deal with Russ for F2.  So she started throwing Russ under the bus.  IT has backfired on her though. She has gone from a position of trust, to one of major suspicion.

HERE is what I want to see happen.. First off. I HOPE Russ wins POV.. That will once and for all squash the BD, take Nat out, and HOPEFULLY will eventually out Kevin  on the lie, causing him to lost credibility.  THEN, J/J/M/R need to sit down PRIVATELY in the HOH, and have a calm discussion on who said what.. If I were Jeff, the first thing I would say is.. “We need to be very calm about this discussion, because we do NOT want the others to know our business and get excited. But here is what we have been hearing, we just wanted to get this out of the way so we can go on with our F4 deal…..” 

IF Russ and Mich have ANY brains..they will accept that deal, everyone can chill the heck out, and..

 LET GO OF THE PARANOID and make another pact for F4.. then (as my Daddy says) Let’s go on and be done with it…

On a totally personal note—IF you watch the INSIDE DISH WITH ROSS MATTHEWS SHOW today.. I am the second caller.. It was really short, but I got to talk to Dick for a second.. Mighty cool beans!!   AND I DID Ask the question, that you guys wanted me to ask.;. Go watch it and you will see that I asked  OUR (BB Diary Room Guys) big question!!  I wanted to ask the question that you guys wanted answered the most.. 

They even showed my picture.. YIKES.. I almost peed!  LOL

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