Okay!! Now maybe we have some game going on!!  Best case scenario would have been Jeff winning HOH, AND if he wins the AC!!  I HOPE that everyone is planning to vote and vote often for JEFF!!  I love Jordan to pieces, and I know a lot of people do, too, but I am afraid that she would not be able to keep it a secret.  If she were to let it slip, it would void it.  If he wins, he will use it to her benefit as well, anyway..

If you don’t have the BIG BROTHER LIVE FEEDS sign up for the right HERE ! What are you waiting for?? You get a free trial, and you will want to stay for the whole season, because now I feel like things will change!!!  BEcause you missed a HELL of an endurance competition if you don’t have them.  There are lots more coming and NOW that we have some game going on, and not just the Jessie and Natalie show, the feeds will be SO much  more fun to watch.. PLUS..

 If Jeff wins the AC, on the LIVE FEEDS you will be able to watch to see what he is planning on doing.. All while not revealing that he has it.. GAME!!! YAY!!

IT seems as if Russell is sincere about keeping the deal with Jeff, and will keep Jordan and Jeff safe this week. His target is the Roach!  I cannot WAIT to see that little bug squirm around!  Jessie alleges that they have the votes to keep Ron, but I doubt that! 

I cannot believe Jessie had the b*lls to actually say to Julie about he, Lydia, Nat being platonic!! IS he an idiot?? Doesn’t he remember he is on camera 24/7??  I wanted to puke like all the HG’s did on that brutal swingset! 

OK! Now we can all breath a little sigh of relief.  I for one finally have that little sick feeling gone out of my stomach, and am going to have a blast watching the FEEDS all weekend!! 


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